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# for this you
# this script depends on 5 routes
# 1. with the comment "MAINGW" this will be always changed depends on if DSL is available
# 2. with comment "DSL" this is your route where normally all your traffic goes
# 3. over DSL fixed
# 4. with comment "LTE" if ping to fails
# 5. route to your uptime kuma,
# uptime kuma is externally hosted and only available over a vpn
:local LanInterface ether1
:local PingTargetOne
:local FailThreshholdOne 3
:global PingFailCountOne
:local maingw [/ip route get [find comment="MAINGW"] gateway ];
:local dslgw [/ip route get [find comment="DSL"] gateway ];
:local ltegw [/ip route get [find comment="LTE"] gateway ];
:set $PingResult [ping count=1]
:put $PingResult
:if ($PingResult = 0) do={
:if ($PingFailCountONE < ($FailTresholdOne+2)) do={
:set $PingFailCountOne ($PingFailCountOne + 1)
:log warning "Ping to $PingTargetONE failed."
:if ( PingFailCountOne >= $FailTreshold) do={
:log warning "Change default route to LTE Backup!"
:log info "Change default route to LTE Backup!"
/ip route set [find comment="MAINGW"] gateway=$ltegw
/ip route set [find comment="UPTIME_KUMA"] type=blackhole
:if ($PingResult = 1) do={
:if ($PingFailCountOne > 0) do={
:set PingFailCountOne 0
:log info "Reset route to DSL"
/ip route set [find comment="MAINGW"] gateway=$dslgw
/ip route set [find comment="UPTIME_KUMA"] type=unicast